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Number One with a Bullet

a film by Tohubohu Productions
William R. Coughlan, Director
Joy Haynes, Producer
2010 ♦ 19:42

Jack Reade is a mild-mannered academic who finally has a chance to publish his own Great American Novel. But just as he thinks his tome will see print, Pete Willoughby, a smug and influential editor, informs Jack that the book will remain locked in publishing purgatory. After an accident befalls Pete, Jack forges a desperate alliance with Carrie Singer, a disgruntled employee who also happens to be the book’s number-one fan. Together, they concoct an insane scheme to cover up Pete’s death and greenlight the book. Unfortunately, the publishing process is chock full of required approvals, and before long, other denizens of Dennison Publishing begin to fall prey to “accidents.”

The team that brought you the popular and award-winning shorts “Screening Process,” “Quite Contrary,” “Machinations,” “You Pay Your Dues,” and “All Roads Lead Away” is back with “Number One With a Bullet,” a fast-paced black comedy short soon to be hitting the festival circuit. At the 2010 TIVA Peer Awards, the film took home a Bronze, a Silver, and two Gold Awards, as well as garnering a nomination in the prestigious “Best of DC” category.

BWG with Film Director Bill Coughlan

BWG with Filmmaker Bill Coughlan at the 48 Hour Film screening in AFI Silver Spring (photo: Dan Foster)