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Brian Wilbur Grundstrom with Cid Collins Walke

ARC OF LIGHT: A Portrait of Anna Campbell Bliss

Black Opal Productions
Cid Collins Walker, Executive Producer and Director

ARC OF LIGHT: A Portrait of Anna Campbell Bliss is a documentary film about a pioneering artist, architect and designer who has devoted her life to the creation of works of art that explore the complex intersections between art, technology, science, nature, poetry, mathematics and architecture. The film looks at the astonishing range of Bliss’s work, from small painterly and digitally based studies of color and light to architectural site commissions of immense scale. It also puts her work in art-historical context and traces her Modernist influences, including the Bauhaus artists of the 1920s. At age 86, Bliss continues to take on large-scale site commissions and create new works of art in her Salt Lake City studio.

Anna Campbell Bliss is a true pioneer in American Modernism. One of the first women ever trained as an architect at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, she has forged her own vision in art and architecture. Bliss has tapped historically important movements in art, architecture and design for inspiration yet anticipated the future by incorporating computer-generated imagery into her work. The film includes compelling interviews with the artist’s husband, architect and furniture designer Robert Bliss; filmmaker Judy Hallet; and professor of architecture Stanley Hallet.

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BWG wins Silver Peer Award for Arc of Light score
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